Tips on Packing Snacks for Your Children

Tips on Packing Snacks for Your Children

Kids love to snack, and there is no denying it. Active, growing kids rely on the nutrition they get during snack time to keep them going. Kids get more than a quarter of their daily calories and supplements from snacks, so serving nutritious snacks matters! When you choose snacks with intention rather than simplicity, you provide your children with nutrition and encourage healthy eating habits. 

It takes a little planning to serve healthy snacks for you, but it does not take a lifestyle overhaul or lots of money to do so. If you remember a few key tips, healthy snacks become second nature and kids love them!

  • All good snacks begin with fruits and veggies!

  • Snack time is the best time to incorporate fruits and veggies into your child’s diet. Fruits and veggies are quick and easy to serve. Plus, snack time is usually the easiest time to get kids to eat these nutritious treats as they likely have just returned from playtime and are starving, making them more likely to accept these foods. Kids may not be excited by receiving fruits and veggies as a snack, but you can present these foods in new ways. If you have time, try cutting them into fun shapes or pair them with a dip. 

  • Pack protein!

  • Did you know that protein can help kids grow? It even keeps them full for a longer period of time! Protein also helps prevent kids from snacking frequently throughout the day. Easy snack-friendly proteins include cheese, nuts, yogurt or sliced meats. 

  • Make a plan. 

  • When your kids are begging, it's easy to give them crackers or fruit gummies to make them happy. However, by creating a snack plan, including when and what snacks are eaten, it is easier to ensure kids receive healthy snacks during the day. For example, we recommend that you try to keep a stash of cut-up fruits and veggies in the fridge, so snacks are always on-hand in your home.

  • Involve kids in snack prep. 

  • Nobody enjoys listening to their kids complain. However, by involving them in snack preparation and planning, they are more likely to enjoy it and eat what is served. When you give them guidelines like the snack must have a fruit or veggie in it, and let them be creative, they’ll enjoy their snacks more and learn to be responsible for eating healthy. This is the perfect opportunity to let them learn good food choices!

    Packing snacks for your kids does not have to be hard. By using these helpful tips and Libbo Love’s Tote All in One or Toddler Plate, snack time can be a breeze!

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