Our Story

Long before meeting her husband, having her own children or even living in the United States, Carla Souza Miller and her family lived in Manaus, Brazil.

One day in 1996, after school, Carla arrived home to her mother singing softly. Carla’s mother, pregnant with Carla’s younger brother, explained that she was talking to the baby.

“But how can he hear you?” young Carla asked.

“He can hear everything I say and everything I feel,” Carla’s mother said. “He is my Libbo.”

“‘Libbo?’ What does this word mean?” Carla laughed.

“‘Libbo’ is my love for him, for you and for your older brother too. I can’t explain my love with the words I know, so I made a new word to describe it!” Carla’s mother answered.

Needless to say, that pivotal moment has stuck with Carla for decades.

Meet Carla

Carla Souza Miller is the owner of Libbo Love. But more importantly, she is a mother of three children.

If you are worried about what to give your children, Carla understands. She’s been there. By the time she gave birth to her baby boy, she wanted to make sure that she could give him the best products possible.

Thus, Libbo Love was born!