Why Keeping Children's Toys Safe is Important

Why Keeping Children's Toys Safe is Important

Keeping your children entertained and happy is one of the most important things you seek as a parent. However, making sure that they are safe is even more important. With the fear of so many items being recalled or products that end up not being as safe as they appear, you must do your research on any new toys you decide to give to your baby or young child.

In this blog, we are going to give you a list of things to look out for when deciding on a toy to buy your child.

Choose Age-Appropriate Toys

While it can be tempting to pick up any exciting new toy on the shelf, it is important to keep your child’s age in mind when purchasing a new toy. Certain items like balls, marbles, small cars, small animal figures, etc. are not a good idea for young babies, as they become a dangerous choking hazard.

Avoid Removable Parts

Another dangerous choking hazard that comes into play when children are playing is any toy that has a removable part. For example, dolls that have removable shoes or accessories can become a danger as babies may be tempted to chew on and inevitably choke on these items. If a toy contains any removable parts, make sure that the parts that can be removed are larger than your child’s mouth to reduce the risk of choking.

Sharp Edges

As babies learn to play safely, they may be tempted to throw or chew on toys. Making sure your child does not have access to toys with sharp edges is essential during this time in their lives. To keep your child as safe as possible, opt for toys that are soft or smooth.

Avoid Strings

Toys that have parts with strings attached or throughout can be dangerous as well. To make sure your child does not get their fingers tangled or choke themselves with these items, make sure any toy you give to your child does not include long strings unless your child is old enough to know how to avoid getting caught up in them.


Babies are known to teethe and chew on their toys, so make sure that any toy you give them is chew-resistant. You want to make sure they are not able to chew off pieces of the toy and unintentionally swallow plastic or choke on larger pieces they manage to chew off.

You can never be too safe when it comes to providing toys for your child, make sure anything you give your child checks all the boxes of safety. If you have any further questions or are looking for some safe, exciting toys for your baby, then email our team at Libbo Love today!

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