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Libbo Love

Libbo Toddler Plate (4 Bay)

Libbo Toddler Plate (4 Bay)

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FREE name engraving is available on our silicone bib, snack lid and plate products.


  • CONVENIENT: Our mission is to provide you and your child safety, comfort, and effortless cleanup at feeding time. Libbo plates are microwave safe, provide healthy portion sizes, feature easy stick, and release, and have distinct compartments for selective eaters or introducing new foods. Libbo Love plates are available in a variety of colors to match with any occasion you need! We can also personalize the bib with names or images making the plate very special and unique. Let your child’s personality show! Perfect for parties, school, or multiple kids.

  • Libbo Love all are products are CPSC Certificated.

  • SIZE: 19cm x 19 cm

  • CLEANING: Dishwasher safe. Easy clean with baby wipes (Handwash recommended)

  • DURABLE: Silicone bib is unbreakable and will not crack.

  • CAUTION: Must be inspected before use. Discard immediately if damaged

  • MATERIAL: 100% Food-Grade Silicone; BPA & Phthalate Free. Doesn't support the growth of fungus, mold, or bacteria. Odor and stain resistant.

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